Banner voor Nationale Studenten Enquete
Banner voor Nationale Studenten Enquete

Students voice their opinions with the NSE

The annual National Student Survey has started! During this period, students give their opinions about the education and facilities of our faculty. We can use the results to improve their experiences with our faculty. So please help us reach as many students as possible!

The results of the NSE allow the faculty and programmes to make changes and improvements in education and facilities. In recent years, for example, more has been invested in career services and contact appointments in education, and it has become clear that there is a need to improve the study load. 

The NSE is more than just the source for hearing from students what goes well and what goes less well within the faculty and programmes. Additionally, the survey results are a crucial source of information for prospective students who rely on Keuzegidsen, Elsevier Beste Studies, and the website to make informed decisions. Based on this survey, Elsevier awards gold, silver and bronze medals to Bachelor's and Master's programmes. The results allow us to convince new students to choose a programme at our faculty and to show current students that we listen to them. 

Please help us reach as many students as possible!

It is, therefore, important for our faculty that as many students as possible fill in the NSE so we can offer them education of the highest quality. That is why we ask you to increase the NSE during student contact. For example, you can do this by posting messages on Brightspace or other channels and showing this slide during the lecture break. 

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Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

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