Maria Montessorigebouw
Maria Montessorigebouw

Summer holidays 2023

In line with the Executive Board, the Faculty Board of Social Sciences wants to call on all staff members in 2023 to stop work where possible in weeks 29, 30, 31 and 32 (from 17 July up to and including 11 August) and to limit email traffic. In this way, we can jointly reduce the workload during this period and stimulate recovery time. 

The Faculty Board will therefore hold no formal meetings during this time-out period. We hope that as many staff members as possible can comply with this where possible, but we understand that this intention cannot be applied equally well everywhere. For example, third chances for exams may have to be prepared and the recruitment and appointment of staff will also take place during this period. It is of course also possible that staff members have planned their holiday at a different time.

The Faculty Board and the departments of the Faculty Office will in any case respond to this call as much as possible and will therefore operate with reduced staffing levels during this period. We therefore ask all departments to submit requests to the faculty office in good time so that they can complete these requests before the holidays. During the holiday period, questions and requests to the departments of the faculty office will be handled less quickly or will have to wait until after the summer holidays.

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