Duurzaam alternatief voor afgeschreven pc's
Duurzaam alternatief voor afgeschreven pc's

Sustainable solution for 'depreciated' PCs

Everyone can contribute in their own way to a more sustainable world. Jan van Duin and Lukas van der Staak came up with an idea that could potentially have a big impact in terms of circularity and waste stream reduction.

As part of the flexibilization of workstations on campus, a standard workstation will have a docking station and two monitors. Many desktop PCs have therefore been replaced by laptops. Normally, depreciated PCs go to D-Two: a company where people with a distance to the labor market dismantle depreciated PCs for reuse. This seems like a sustainable solution, but Jan van Duin and Lukas van der Staak came up with an even more sustainable idea.

New destination for 'depreciated' PCs

After some modification, the depreciated PCs can also be used for digital exams. Jan van Duin: "With the ChromeOS Flex operating system, we can make a depreciated PC work just like the PCs in the examination rooms.  The user doesn't notice any difference."

Faculty Coordinators for Digital Testing (FCDT) is now testing this. If the experience remains positive, expanding the use of ChromeOS Flex will be a low-cost and sustainable option for multiple applications.

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