Berchmanianum campus Radboud Universiteit
Berchmanianum campus Radboud Universiteit

The Radboud University Code of Conduct is a fact

A lot of people have recently been wondering when the Radboud University's Code of Conduct would definitively be finished and the time has finally come. The Executive Board has finalised the Code of Conduct. The intent of the code is that by following it, the culture at work will improve. In addition to the Code of Conduct, regulations on alcohol and drug use, regulations on personal relations in the workplace and regulations about social media have been drawn up.

Who is it for?

The Code of Conduct applies to all staff members at Radboud University, including student assistants, interns and on-call workers. And besides staff, the Radboud University also employs other parties, such as (externally hired) guest lecturers and researchers, contractors and temporary workers. This Code of Conduct is not intended for students. The Student Charter applies to them.


In essence, everyone is responsible for their own behaviour. The Code of Conduct does, however, contain several basic values that the University expects everyone to follow. You can find these basic values in the Code of Conduct.

Additionally, there are specific regulations concerning behaviour regarding: Undesirable Behaviour, Relationships in the workplace, Dealing with secondary activities, Academic integrity, the Whistleblower policy, Alcohol and other narcotics and Media and social media.

Social Safety

Social safety is important to the University. That is why more time will be spent on this topic in the coming period.