The UTQ is going to change, read here what this means for you

In March, the pilot for a new UTQ track will start. In this new working method, the supervisory part of the UTQ will mainly take place at your own faculty. You will also get the possibility to work towards obtaining the UTQ step-by-step. Additionally, there is a cross-faculty course offering that aligns with the learning objectives of the UTQ.

Participating in the new UTQ track

Participating in the pilot is possible at the five participating faculties for lecturers who have already started their UTQ, as well as lecturers who still need to begin. Lecturers at the Faculty of Social Sciences have already been approached by their supervisor about possibly participating. Applications for the other participating faculties are open until 1 March 2023. Per faculty, a maximum of 10 lecturers can participate. You can sign up to participate via the links below:

I would like to complete my UTQ this academic year according to the old method, what now?

For the next six months, a transitional arrangement will be in place for lecturers who want to finish obtaining their UTQ this academic year via the old working method. If you have already begun compiling your UTQ portfolio and estimate that you can finish your portfolio before September 2023, you are eligible to participate.

The transitional arrangement is only available to lecturers at the faculties participating in the pilot. You can apply until 1 May 2023. If you do not apply, it will be assumed that you will obtain your UTQ via the new working method.

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