Erkennen en Waarderen praatplaat
Erkennen en Waarderen praatplaat

Thematic committees for Recognition & Rewards

From 1st April, at the request of the Faculty Board, Sabine Geurts, Hanneke den Ouden, and Serena Daalmans will set up a programme called Recognition and Rewards, based on the recommendations from the report: 'Balanced Recognition and Rewards within FSW'. They will start with recommendations related to two themes: 'Workload reduction' and 'Career paths and profiles'.

In the coming period, Sabine, Hanneke and Serena will form a thematic committee for each theme, which, together with the programme team, will start thinking about concretisation and implementation of the advice concerning each of the subject themes.

Thematic committee: 'Workload reduction'

Is workload a topic you also consider important? Then we from the Recognition and Reward programme team are looking for you! Together with a (small) group of committed colleagues, we want to explore how we can actually give shape to reducing workload within FSW in a workload-reduction thematic committee. We want to provide these plans with a broad basis of support, so we are looking for committed people from various groups within FSW. We would like to make a flying start this academic year. If you are interested in participating in this themed committee, please inform us before mid-May via our email address: recognition-rewards-fss [at] (recognition-rewards-fss[at]socsci[dot]ru[dot]nl), with the subject 'workload reduction'.

Sounding board group: 'Career Paths and Profiles'

The Recognition and Reward programme team of FSW are looking for several colleagues who would like to participate in a sounding board group for the theme 'Career Paths and Profiles'. FSW's various education and research directors will initially take up this theme. However, at an early stage, we would like to mirror the direction being set to a broadly composed sounding board group (with diversity in perspectives). If you are interested in joining the sounding board group, please inform us before mid-May via a message to: recognition-rewards-fss [at] (recognition-rewards-fss[at]socsci[dot]ru[dot]nl), with the subject 'Career paths'.

Sabine, Hanneke and Serena (programme team) hope for many enthusiastic reactions so that we, as a faculty, can really make a difference in the field of recognition and appreciation.  

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