Vijf jaar AVG
Vijf jaar AVG

There is (yet) another birthday, hooray!

On 25 May, the AVG celebrated its fifth anniversary. Will you celebrate with us? Test how long it takes to crack your password or play phishing bingo.

Did you know we have another birthday to celebrate? On 25 May, the AVG celebrated its 5th anniversary. Why is this worth celebrating?

Phishing Bingo

Privacy is a fundamental right. Because of the AVG, your rights are better protected and organisations must handle your (digital) personal data with care. This is also the case at the Radboud University. At the university, we work with personal data of our students and staff every day. We also collect a lot of research data. As a university, we need to handle these personal data safely and responsibly. In order to do that, we need you!

Are you also celebrating the fifth anniversary of the AVG?

  1. See how long it takes to crack your password. Is your password stronger than your colleague's?
  2. Play phishing bingo with your colleagues. Will you be the first to fill up the card or row. 
  3. Have you been hacked less often than your roommate? Check it on Have I Been Pwned?
  4. Use the central government's KopieID app (Apple App store, Google Play Store) to securely copy your ID/passport. The app allows you to cross out identity data that organisations do not need or are not allowed to process.
  5. You are not alone at Radboud University when it comes to privacy. Do you already know who you can turn to? Check the overview.