Invoer vakantie-uren
Invoer vakantie-uren

Too many holiday hours left at end of year?

It appears that many employees currently have too many holiday hours over at the end of the year. Keep in mind that if you have not made a written agreement with your supervisor that you can take a maximum of 80 holiday hours (prorated) into the new year. If you have more than 80 holiday hours at the end of the year, you have to go back to the standard variant of flexible working hours.

Are you one of those employees?

  • First check whether you have actually registered all your holiday hours taken in BASS;
  • If you have taken less holidays this year, check whether it is still possible to take as much as you can this year. It is important to recover from work and rest;
  • It is possible to use or sell holiday hours in the Selection Model. This can still be done until 30 November.