combi reis
combi reis

Try the smart combination of car & public transport

Do you travel to the campus by car because public transport takes too long? Then you probably live a bit further away and not near a train or bus station. This autumn, employees and students in a number of postal code areas that are further away will be given the opportunity to become acquainted with a different way of travelling: a smart combination of car and public transport.

In many cases, this combination is even faster than by car. Moreover, you can use your travel time efficiently, save on fuel and parking costs and contribute to a better accessibility of the campus.

Pilot combi trip

The Radboudumc, Radboud University, HAN and ROC have the ambition to reduce the amount of car traffic in the rush hour by 20% and to become emission free in 2030. Travelling less and travelling differently are important instruments to achieve this. Even if you live too far away to travel by (electric) bike or you do not live near a train or bus station, there are alternatives to the car that are not shown by the usual route planners. That is why the Radboud University, together with other organisations on the Heijendaal campus, is starting a pilot project next autumn to introduce staff and students from more distant postal code areas to the combined travel of car and public transport. Participants will be asked to try out the combined travel for at least two days a week for eight weeks and to share their experiences. Those who live in an area where this combination is an attractive alternative to the car will soon receive an e-mail with more information.