Ontmoetingscafé Berchmanianum
Ontmoetingscafé Berchmanianum

Update changes in Berchmanianum

Back in December 2022 we told you about the first changes that were going to take place in the Berchmanianum. Meanwhile, much has happened and the 2nd floor and the meeting café have been completed. We are constantly evaluating and making adjustments where necessary and possible. The decoration of the rooms still needs to be done. We are pleased that we will soon be making steps in this as well.

Many people are still getting used to the new way of working, which is logical. Where before you could walk straight to your desk, it is now sometimes difficult to find one. And where do you go when your own spot is full? For this we have the overflow places, where everyone can sit. They are not only on the 2nd floor, but also already on the 3rd floor. The fact that the divisions are now regularly mixed together has created a different dynamic and you get to talk to other colleagues.  We are also still learning about storage and how we can better facilitate colleagues in this.

The meeting café is also completed; after the Radboud Festival ended, we immediately worked hard to transform this space. Since its completion the space has been used a lot for meetings and coffee breaks. Work is still being done on the furnishings, including plants and books for the bookcase.

On the third floor, work has begun on cleaning up the floor, so that after the summer vacations the renovation can begin there. The necessary preparations will also be made soon within Academic Affairs, which will take up residence on the first floor.

If you have questions, problems or feedback, please visit the Teams environment. If something is broken or you experience any other malfunction please report it to the Service Center.