Een student met een koptelefoon op achter een computer in het Comeniusgebouw.
Een student met een koptelefoon op achter een computer in het Comeniusgebouw.

Update implementation Ans

Starting from September 2024, the assessment software Ans will replace Cirrus Assessment as the primary assessment software at our university. To ensure a smooth transition, we would like to provide you with information about the conversion from Cirrus to Ans and the implementation of Ans at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Conversion Cirrus to Ans

Various teachers have now been asked by the Examination Support: which test assignments in Cirrus must be transferred to Ans for reuse? Converting Cirrus data to Ans requires a lot of manual work, a labor-intensive process that must be completed in the fall of 2024. Many of the digital tests are always newly built for administration, so conversion of existing material is often not necessary. A way to secure data per course from Cirrus in an export file is currently being investigated.

Implementation Ans

The implementation of Ans is going according to plan. The first pilot tests will be administered in January; for FSW this will be 1 test with approximately 60 participants. The team is currently working on its skills in Ans and the required process of taking tests, planning and organizing.

In collaboration with the Communications department, the project group has delivered an Ans demo test for both teacher and student. An online ‘transition guide’ is available for information about functions in Ans vs. Cirrus, and communication in text and images will follow soon to introduce students and staff to the possibilities of the new software. To familiarize teachers, the Exam Team expects to be able to offer training later this academic year.

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