Update maintenance Maria Montessori building

Much work on the building and installations in the Maria Montessori building happens behind the scenes. Work is currently underway to improve and optimise the indoor climate, ventilation, doors and stairs. Below is an overview:


  • In weeks 29, 30 and 31, doors will be automated in several places to improve accessibility. Due to the cost of this adaptation, not all doors in the building will be adapted. If it proves necessary to automate more doors, we will include these in a follow-up round.
  • In several places in the building, door fittings have been replaced. Notice that a door is not opening and closing properly? Report it to the Service Centre so that the door can be adjusted or repaired. The contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.

Green Atrium

  • In week 29, the green atrium, near the Sociotheek, will be carpeted. This has two functions: the flooring marks the area of the Sociotheek, and it has a sound-damping effect in the atrium.
  • During the summer holidays, an aerial platform will be installed in the green atrium. This will allow the window cleaner and maintenance technician to do their work in areas that would be inaccessible without this facility.  


  • On 25th and 26th June, studies were carried out on how to improve the edged steps. If the chosen solution is indeed satisfactory, the main stairs will be upgraded in weeks 34 and 35. A handrail will also be installed in the middle of the main stairs for extra safety.

Table Plug Sockets

  • In the near future, additional plug sockets will be installed on the table in the boardroom so that we can charge our devices at the table during meetings.


  • A window has cracked at two locations in the building, which seems to have been caused by half-open blinds. If the blinds are not fully closed, the temperature difference in the window becomes too great and can cause it to crack. The delivery time of these huge windows is long. They have been ordered, but it is not yet known when they can be installed.

Indoor climate

  • Despite the guidelines and standards of the Maria Montessori building, the climate and air quality in the building have often felt unpleasant. It was sometimes too cold, too hot or too stuffy. In the last six months, Campus & Facilities carried out several pilots to find a solution to this, but this has not been an easy task due to the constantly changing weather conditions. The installation has certain limitations, so an approach has been devised, which you can read below:
    • The default temperature setting in the building is slowly reduced. 
    • The ventilation rate goes up at the same time, allowing the cool air to descend further into the room without causing too much noise and draught.

We hope the climate will noticeably improve over the coming period.

Do you still have complaints or want to report another facility malfunction? You can report it to the Service Centre using the 'Report a malfunction' form or directly at servicecentre-cf [at] ru.nl (servicecentre-cf[at]ru[dot]nl) or 024-3633333.

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