Update on the new website

The new website has been up and running since the summer and in this time, it has undergone improvements in several areas. For instance, news is now featured more prominently, there is the option of highlighting important messages in the headers and, in comparison with past versions, there is greater focus on research projects and social research topics. In collaboration with the faculties and other organisational units, we are working to enhance the new site while we subsequently phase out the old environment. For example, see www.ru.nl/docenten.


This entire undertaking is an extensive exercise that is primarily being carried out with the use of our existing capacity. This not only involves the creation of the website, but also the standardisation and improvement of underlying processes as well as an analysis of the needs of the various target groups. This project often gives us cause to carry out some much needed maintenance and to make improvements. This generates excellent results, but it also takes time. We therefore ask for your understanding and patience. It is not possible to do everything at the same time, nor can we give everything top priority.

Top-level tasks

For this reason, it is important to realise that the new website currently serves the so-called top-level tasks of our main target groups, helping visitors find the right information as quickly as possible. This means that, for the greater part, it is the external visitors who are primarily being served within the new environment, which means that they are not affected by the old site. This has been substantiated by user research and shows that the users are very enthusiastic about our new website. We would obviously like to complete the transition to the new website as soon as possible. And at the moment, that’s what motivates all of us to keep working so hard.

For more information, please visit: https://www.ru.nl/en/staff/user-focused-online-project

Should you encounter an error, or another type of problem such as a broken link, please send an email to: klantgerichtonline [at] ru.nl (klantgerichtonline[at]ru[dot]nl)