Erasmusgebouw lente
Erasmusgebouw lente

Update Staff Survey 2024

In January, you received an invitation to take part in the Staff Survey, in which you could give anonymous feedback on social safety, your supervisor, workload and facilities, among others. IVA Education now has the final figures of the number of participants, which we would like to share with you.

Participants 2024

This year, 55% of all Radboud University employees completed the staff survey. This is an increase of 9% compared to the previous edition in 2022! The organisation is very happy with this result and would like to thank you for your participation. Your participation in the staff survey provides insight into which topics deserve attention in the pursuit of a good and safe working environment and work content.


With your feedback, the first steps will be taken. The results are currently being put into summary reports by IVA education. These reports will be shared with the organisation in April, both at university level and at the level of the faculties/departments and underlying groups/departments. For each faculty, the outcomes will be discussed by the departments and faculty board, with each faculty choosing its own appropriate process. These discussions serve to jointly arrive at needed actions, both to resolve areas for improvement and to retain positive points. In 2022, employees said they were generally very satisfied with their work and working environment and indicated they enjoy their work. On average, Radboud University's employees rated their work in 2022 with a score of 7.8. How high will the score be in 2024?

What about the whipped cream pies?

Whipped cream pies are available for teams with the highest response rate. If your team has won a cream cake, you will be informed by the board or your HR department.


Staff survey 2022 results

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