Update your profile page

Your profile page has an important role on the new website: it will be linked to news items, project pages and organisational unit pages. This makes your profile page much more visible than before. If you want to be easily found by colleagues or visitors, it is important to complete or update your profile page.

Go to the portal to customise your profile page:

  • Check your contact details and complete them where necessary
  • Add a professional photo (make sure to tick the 'show' box)
  • Indicate your working days
  • Describe your expertise or specialisation. Do not use technical terms, but make the description concise and understandable to read. In doubt about this text? Submit the text to the Communications Department via communicatie [at] socsci.ru.nl (communicatie[at]socsci[dot]ru[dot]nl).

More information about creating or editing your profile page? Check this page first.

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