Denkende vrouw
Denkende vrouw

What do you need to work privacy-aware and information-secure?

How can Radboud University help you increase digital resilience? By completing the questionnaire, you will immediately receive tips on security and privacy. Afterwards, Radboud University will receive a report with recommendations.

Take part and fill in the questionnaire

Completion takes 5-10 minutes.

Data will be treated confidentially and processed anonymously. Use the button at the top right to switch languages. It is important to complete the questions in one go, saving in between is not possible.

Take part and fill in the questionnaire

You can fill in the questionnaire until 30 April 2024.

Why this questionnaire?

Digital resilience is an important issue for Radboud University and your way of working with it is essential. The measurement is an initiative of SURF in which around thirty educational and research institutions participate. Radboud University is participating for the third time in order to get a picture of the level of knowledge around 'working safely' within the university. The report shows how we score in relation to other educational institutions and how things stand in general in the education sector (HBO/WO) ? The report also shows which topics need more attention so that you can work 'more safely'.

Previous outcomes

In 2022 and 2023, Radboud University scored 6.2 and 6.7, respectively. The average score of the measurement among 30 institutions was 5.9 and 6.7.

Last year, it was found that 69% of employees, by their own admission, pay a lot of attention to privacy and information security. 96% said they consider the subject important. The majority of respondents said they are motivated to work information securely.  

The measurements showed, among other things, that more clarity and explanation about 'working safely' is welcome. That is why we are sharing more tips on working safely via the weekly report. Moreover, all faculties and business units now have contact points where you can ask questions about security or privacy.

Contact information

General questions on Information Security can be emailed to: 
IB-Awareness [at] (IB-Awareness[at]ru[dot]nl)

Questions about privacy? Contact the privacy officer at your faculty or organisational unit.

Want to report a data breach or security incident? 
Please contact the ICT Helpdesk (024 – 36 22222).

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