Working safely with OneDrive on non-managed Radboud workstations

Using OneDrive on private workstations and Macs (non-managed Radboud workstations) is allowed from February 10. You can sync your files from OneDrive to Finder on your Mac device or to the Explorer on your private laptop/computer (Windows).

Before using

Before you start using OneDrive in this way, it is important to read and apply the points below carefully.

Work safely, go through the steps

Are you going to use OneDrive on your own device or Mac? Read the information below carefully, so you know what steps to take to keep your files safe. Instructions can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you work on a Windows computer, read the knowledge item in the SelfServicePortal carefully. This is because syncing on a private Windows laptop can cause problems with your non-work-related personal files.

Make sure your (private) workstation always complies with these issues:

  • Provide the hard drive with encryption.
  • Use a strong password to access your workplace.
  • Make sure your computer/laptop or Mac is always up-to-date (operating system, applications, anti-virus).
  • Synchronize files and not entire folders you work on or want to work offline.
  • Delete files from your own device when you no longer use them.


General information about OneDrive can be viewed in the SelfServicePortal (Off-campus? VPN on).

Need help? Contact the icthelpdesk [at] (ICT Helpdesk) (024 - 36 22222).


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