Onderwijsdagen workshop
Onderwijsdagen workshop

Workshop about more inclusive education

Have you ever wondered how students with impaired hearing or vision learn? And to what extent can the teaching materials used be unintentionally hurtful? Find out on 21 March during the workshop 'More Inclusive Education' at Education Days. Here you will get practical tools to make your education more inclusive, even with small adjustments.

In the interactive workshop, teachers are urged to actively embrace and engage with the diverse limitations and cultural backgrounds of their students. The central question here: does your current form of education promote learning, or does it rather create barriers? "It requires openness to new insights from yourself and others. It is a process that sometimes involves vulnerability, but this openness is the key to embracing diversity in the classroom," explains Nathalie Veenendaal (Educational trainer-coach, Educational Advice and Teacher Development). Through hands-on activities and an interactive discussion, teachers increase their knowledge about inclusion, and they discover how already small adjustments contribute to an effective learning environment for all.

Soon available as e-learning module

The e-learning module 'More inclusive teaching' is an initiative of Lia Kleuskens (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Student Affairs) and Booike During (Educational developer, Education Support) in response to signals from students. Meanwhile, there is also collaboration with the SIG Safe Learning & Development to strengthen the teacher perspective. The core topics Education implementation, Material and Course Design provide insight into how you can make your teaching more inclusive, step-by-step. For instance, with more diverse literature or extra attention for people who are colour-blind. Self-reflection forms one of the essential steps. "As a teacher, it is essential to look at yourself and ask yourself: who am I? Where do my norms and values come from? Self-reflection is the first step towards an inclusive learning environment, where the ability to question one's own beliefs not only allows space for diverse perspectives, but also creates an environment where all voices are heard."

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Special Interest Group Safe Learning Development 

This Special Interest Group was founded so that students, lecturers, and other employees can share their experiences and expertise regarding safe learning and development with each other.

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