Would you like to have more energy at work?

Would you like to enjoy your work more? At the end of the day, do you often feel that you have lost your drive? Would you like to be able to focus better during your working day? Then get moving and register now.
You can opt for two energetic and instructive lunchtime sessions, or for going to work on your vitality in a more structural way over the course six months. 

Lunchtime sessions: Gezond Werken (NL) (Working Healthily)

Is your work in constant need of greater effort from you? Are you going to work with less enthusiasm? Do you have less energy in your free time? Time for action! Register for the 'Gezond Werken' (Working Healthily) lunchtime sessions (in Dutch / 12 – 1 pm) for tailor-made advice on better balance and pleasure in your work. Allow yourself to get away from your work for one hour, and then see what this will do for you.


Fit@Work Vitality Programme

Start in the autumn with the Fit@Work vitality programme (NL and ENG) Do you want to be able to do your work while being more focused and relaxed? Do you want to feel better about yourself? Radboud University is extending an invitation to all employees to join the Fit@Work vitality programme. Register free of charge before 1 September and join us.


Fit@Work is offering a combination of coaching and interactive workshops. You will go to work on your energy management, relaxation, insight into your own stress signals, focus, movement and sleep – all tailored to your own needs. You will gain tools for feeling healthier and more vital. This will also have an effect on your energy, resilience, and the pleasure you do your work with.

Earlier participants in the Fit@Work programme:
"The programme allowed me to manage my energy better. I am more effective and I have new routines, which means I have more focus and energy when working.”