Je bent nodig
Je bent nodig

'You have a part to play' wins another award

On Thursday 2 June, the SAN Accents were awarded in Hilversum. Radboud University won an Accent award for the 'You have a part to play' campaign during Radboud Impact Day. The theme of the SAN Awards 2022 was 'Touch Me'.

Radboud University lived up to that in November: the campaign touched and made an impact. Not only within the Radboud University community, but the national media also paid a lot of attention to our message.

The best and most effective campaign

SAN stands for the Netherlands Advertising Jury Foundation. The SAN Accents are awards presented annually to the best and most effective campaigns in the Netherlands. It is unique for a university to win a prize for its campaign among major commercial brands. In 2020, Radboud University already won an Esprix, another professional award for marketing communication campaigns, with its first 'You have a part to play' campaign.