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  • Training

    Getting started with your career

    Have you attended the 'Zelfinzicht sleutel voor je loopbaan' (Self-insight key to your career) workshop and are you ready to follow up? Then sign up for the workshop 'Aan de slag met je loopbaan' (Getting started with your career).

  • Mensen op een scherm aan het videobellen

    Video meetings with Zoom phased out

    From 1 September, Radboud University is cancelling the extended licence for Zoom. Microsoft Teams will become the designated software for online meetings. Online lectures are preferably given with Virtual Classroom in Brightspace.

  • Hand met telefoon erin

    Eduroam WiFi network potentially unusable on some mobiles after update

    From Wednesday 24 May 2023, Eduroam's current WiFi network is going to be updated. This will be carried out first in the Huygens building. Some phones with an outdated operating system will no longer be able to connect to Eduroam after the new update.

  • Heiligverklaring Titus Brandsma 2022

    Radboud100: “Titus always has something to say” (2022)

    It happened in May 2022: the canonisation of Radboudian Titus Brandsma, murdered in Dachau concentration camp in 1942 because of his work for the resistance. Carmelite nun and scientist Anne-Marie Bos is unlocking his legacy.

  • blauwe lucht en wolken

    "We will travel climate-neutral by 2025"

    Cognitive Neuroscience and Communication Science win Radboud International Travel Challenge

  • Springend vitaal persoon in de bergen

    Staying vital with Fit@work

    The university offers a great opportunity to work on your vitality with the Fit@Work programme. Healthier lifestyles not only mean better (work) performance, but also more fun at work.

  • Uitreiking eredoctoraat Michael Sandel

    'Rock star philosopher' Michael Sandel receives honorary doctorate from Radboud University

    Michael Sandel, a political philosopher at Harvard University, received an honorary doctorate from Radboud University on 9 May during its 100th anniversary celebration. Afterwords he gave a lecture and had a conversation with the crowd.

  • Slinger van regenboogvlaggen onder een lichtbewolkte lucht

    Radboud University and Radboud university medical center research team issues recommendations for better transgender care in the Netherlands

    Een team van onderzoekers van de Radboud Universiteit en het Radboudumc onderzocht hoe de toenemende wachttijd voor transgenderzorg verklaard en opgelost kan worden. ‘Er is een mismatch tussen de vraag naar en de inrichting van de transgenderzorg’.

  • 1.AMT-teamlid wijst naar de Gamsberg in Namibië.

    NWO grant for telescope that can film black holes in colour

    The Dutch Research Council, NWO, has awarded a grant of 3.45 million euros to a Dutch team, together with British and Namibian astronomers, that will enable the first colour movies of black hole.

  • Tekening uit 1861, gemaakt door Willem Hekking jr. (bron: Stadarchief Amsterdam)

    From cholera to cancer: the health gap already existed in the nineteenth century

    Apparently, the ‘health gap’ is not just something of our time. In the nineteenth century, people from lower social groups also died younger and from different causes than more affluent people. That is the conclusion of historian Owen Lammertink in his PhD thesis, which he defends at Radboud University on 12 May.

  • Radboud Festival takes place on 11 May 2023

    Prins S. en De Geit, Maarten van Rossem, and more new names for Radboud Festival

    On Thursday, May 11, Radboud Festival erupts and together we celebrate Radboud University's 100th anniversary. Read which new names complete the lineup.

  • Overlay van foto's uit 100 jaar Radboudgeschiedenis

    Lustrum week kicks off

    Next week it’s finally there: between 8 and 14 May, we will celebrate Radboud University's 100th birthday. We will take you through the jam-packed programme:

  • Safer login with Microsoft Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Number Matching

    Starting May 8, 2023, MFA Number Matching will be activated for your Radboud account. When using a Microsoft 365 service, you will be prompted to enter a two-digit number in your Authenticator app.

  • Universiteitsverkiezingen 2023

    Run for election in the Works Council or Subcommittees

    Until 5 May, it is possible to apply for the Works Council or Component Committees. As a member of the council, you can share your ideas and vision with students, staff and the university administration. Do you dare to make yourself heard?

  • Lintjes

    Royal Distinctions for seven Radboudians

    On the occasion of King's Day this year, seven employees of Radboud University and Radboudumc receive a royal distinction for their exceptional scientific and/or social achievements.

  • Beeldmerk Radboud Sounds

    Last names Radboud Sounds announced

    Have you already secured a ticket for Radboud Sounds? Many interesting names were previously announced for this music and science festival at Doornroosje on 12 May. With these new names, the line-up is complete.

  • Jörgen Bruhn

    Jörgen Bruhn appointed professor of Anesthesiology, Pain and Palliative Medicine

    Jörgen Bruhn has been appointed professor of Anesthesiology, Pain and Palliative Medicine at Radboud university medical center / Radboud University. He was also appointed head of department.

  • persoon met brief en pestwoorden op de rug

    Bullying in the workplace, now what?

    Wednesday 19 April is the Day Against Bullying. A good time to reflect on what happens in your workplace.

  • Person holding a Radboud gebaren poster

    Join in with a Radboud Gesture

    The celebration of Radboud University's 100th anniversary in May is just around the corner and a great programme is waiting. Among other things, the city of Nijmegen and its inhabitants will be warmed up with 100 Radboud Gestures from 8 to 14 May.

  • Annual biodiversity report 2022

    The annual report Biodiversity 2022 shows the achievements of the Biodiversity Project Group. Such as, among other things, the community and experiential gardens at various locations and the planting of a natural and a park forest on both sides of the Disveld path.