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  • Nieuwjaarsbijeenkomst 2023

    Speakers New Year's Gathering 2023 announced

    On Monday 9 January, we will jointly usher in the lustrum year at the New Year's Gathering in the Auditorium. All staff and students are welcome to attend this festive occasion.

  • Maak je niet (te) druk? - Column Daniël Wigboldus

    Keizer Karel - Column Daniël Wigboldus

    But what qualifies as transgressive behaviour? Some things are simply not allowed. You’re not allowed to jump a red light. Similarly, there is no room on our campus for bullying, sexual harassment, abuse of power, etc. Let us be very clear about that.

  • Microcredentials

    Pilot: a more transparant professional profile with Microcredentials

    In December, Radboud University formally entered the national Microcredentials pilot created by Universities of the Netherlands. Microcredentials are proof of the result after a short learning experience.

  • Erkennen en waarderen

    Nominate your coworkers for the ‘Recognises and Rewards prize'

    On Wednesday 1 February 2023 at 16:00, the Radboud Young Academy organizes a Recognition and Rewards event. During this event, six winners of the ‘Recognises and Rewards prize’ will be determined by a lottery.

  • Foto escape room De Bezetting. Door Sytse Dijkstra

    Educational escape room "University in Resistance" to reopen

    The educational escape room "University in Resistance" presented by Radboud University in 2018 will reopen on Saturday 17 December at ROXescape.

  • Plaquette Hermesdorfprijs, met beeltenis van prof. mr. B.H.D. Hermesdorf

    2022 Hermesdorf Awards for Alma Tostmann, Chantal Rovers, and Kiane de Kleijne

    The Hermesdorf Award and the Hermesdorf Talent Award are awarded every year to researchers who have dared to take risks. This year, the awards go to Alma Tostmann, Chantal Rovers, and Kiane de Kleijne.

  • Training

    How do you get off autopilot?

    In the Personal Leadership workshop (in Dutch) you will experience how you can step out of your automatic pilot and take more control over your own work and life.

  • Werkconcept InWork

    First changes work environments Berchmanianum visible

    Soon, the first changes in the working environments in Berchmanianum will be visible. The first (video)call cells and single workstations will be installed throughout the building in week 51.

  • Dry January

    Dry January, are you participating (again)?

    Health and vitality are important for staff and students. One of the things that contributes to this is conscious alcohol consumption. That is why the university is participating in the IkPas battle again in January 2023.

  • Nobelprijs 2010

    Radboud100: The value of a Nobel Prize (2010)

    Radboud University shares in the honour of one Nobel Prize, which was awarded in December 2010 to Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov for their production of graphene. "Our lab has been of great significance."

  • Portrait Marije Klomp

    Marije Klomp named CSR Manager of the Year 2022

    Marije Klomp, programme director for sustainability at Radboud University, has been named CSR Manager of the Year 2022. After a pitch on stage both 900 sustainability managers and the public chose Klomp as the winner of the title.

  • toga's Radboud Universiteit in togakamer

    Monitor women professors: proportion of female professors at Radboud University decreased in 2021

    According to the Landelijke Monitor Vrouwelijke Hoogleraren 2022 (Women Professors Monitor 2022), 29.2% of professors at Radboud University are women. The monitor uses 31 December 2021 as its reference date, at which time the number of female professors was 1 percentage point less than in 2020 (30.2%)

  • Radboud100 Bierviltje

    How can you become happy or happier?

    People are searching for happiness. For years, films, series, news sites and scientists have been studying how you can become happy or even happier. One theory stands out: do something for someone else.

  • wandelende collega's

    Balance stress and relaxation

    Herken je je in gespannenheid, moeilijk concentreren, moeheid, geprikkeldheid, slecht slapen (malen & piekeren)? Neem dan deel aan de workshop 'Vitaal aan het werk met ontspanning en stress'.

  • Een fotomontage waarbij de namen van de nieuwe paden in de richtingaanwijzers staan

    New paths on Radboud campus to be named after students and PhD candidates

    Eight new paths on the Radboud University campus will be named after former students or PhD candidates. The University’s proposal was submitted to the municipal council, which agreed to the plans on Wednesday 30 November 2022.

  • Update on the new website

    An update on the new website.

  • Invoer vakantie-uren

    Too many holiday hours left at end of year?

    It appears that many employees currently have too many holiday hours over at the end of the year. You can take a maximum of 80 holiday hours (pro rata) into the new year without consultation.

  • 10% discount on lifelong learning

    If you work at Radboud University you can get a 10% discount on Radboud University’s education programmes and courses in Radboud Academy’s portal from 1 January 2023 to encourage you in your development.

  • Neurotech logo vierkant

    NeurotechEU expands with Reykjavik University

    Reykjavik University joins NeurotechEU, the European University of Brain and Technology, of which Radboud University is one of the founding partners and the coordinating university.

  • Best University 2nd place Keuzegids 2023

    Keuzegids 2023: Radboud once again second general university

    Radboud University is the second best general university in the Netherlands according to the Keuzegids Universiteiten. We finished behind first place by just one point.