Electing yourself for employee participation

Do you want to contribute to the future of the university? You can do so by electing yourself for Radboud University's employee participation.


Elections for the Works Council (OR) and Representative Councils (OC) take place every two years in May or June. This always happens in an odd-numbered year.

Keep an eye on the website and weekly newsletter for more information on future elections.

How to?

You must submit the employee candidature form below to the Election Commission via or [at] ru.nl (or[at]ru[dot]nl).

The important (!) fine print:

  • You may also submit a list with one candidate.
  • The person submitting the list must add all the candidates on the list to the cc of the email. If something is wrong, candidates can respond immediately.


After the Election Commission receives the candidature form, you will receive a confirmation. Did you not receive a confirmation? Please contact the secretariat of the Election Commission by phone via 024-3611239 or 024-3612745.

Candidature form

Candidature form staff