Bul bij promoveren
Bul bij promoveren

Information for PhD candidates

This page contains all of the information that PhD candidates will need as they go through the PhD process at Radboud University.

Library of Science in het Huygensgebouw

Getting a PhD

This page contains everything that you will need to know about the different ways in which a PhD can be obtained at Radboud University as well as information about the PhD process from start to finish.

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PhD in een onderwijssituatie

Learning and evolving

As a PhD candidate, you can work on your development in different ways. You can attend workshops, courses and training programmes and develop your academic and personal skills.

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Diploma of bul

PhD Organisation Nijmegen (PON)

PON represents all PhD candidates in Nijmegen and organizes a variety of social activities.

Meeting room

Promovendi Netwerk Netherlands

The national interest group for and by PhD candidates.


Events for PhD candidates

Historical Tour of Nijmegen

Historical Tour of Nijmegen

We would like to invite you to a tour of the city of Nijmegen, where an experienced guide will tell us all about the rich history of the oldest city in the Netherlands.

GSH Open Lunch Meeting

GSH Open Lunch Meeting

Join us for another open lunch meeting, in which we get together to eat, chat and get to know each other further.

EUCAIFCON 2024 logo

European AI for Fundamental Physics Conference

The first “European AI for Fundamental Physics Conference” (EuCAIFCon) will be held in Amsterdam, from 30 April to 3 May 2024.

Questions about obtaining your PhD

If you have any questions about obtaining a PhD at Radboud University, please contact the staff member from the relevant faculty.

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If you have any questions that pertain to your employment as a PhD candidate (such as your salary, employment conditions, or career guidance), please contact your HR staff member.