Droneshot Radboud Universiteit campus
Droneshot Radboud Universiteit campus

Campus plan

The development of our campus.
2022 until 2030
Project type
Real estate
Campus Development

The campus plan is the translation of the campus strategy into specific construction and renovation projects and programmes up to 2030. The plan also provides a glimpse somewhat further into the future, up to 2040. At the heart of this is that the campus is primarily a place for education and research, along with various forms of business, housing, culture and sports.

Development principles

The following principles are central to the development of the campus: 

  1. Our campus is inspiring and connecting
  2. Our campus is green, sustainable and healthy
  3. Our campus is open, accessible and safe
  4. Our campus is lively and dynamic
  5. Our campus is smart and flexible
  6. Our campus is person-oriented and social
  7. Our campus is affordable

The plans in short

Circular housing

The Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies are moving out of the Erasmus building and into new buildings on the site of the current Spinoza building. The campus plan states that future buildings will be as “circular” as possible. Circular building is a sustainable form of construction that uses as many reusable raw materials and as few finite resources as possible. For the new homes of the two faculties, the university will ask architects to develop a plan that meets the functional requirements but also scores well in terms of circularity. This means that in addition to circular new construction, the Spinoza building can also be retained or partially demolished.

Changes on the east side

Much is changing on the eastern side of the campus. Over the long term, the Linnaeus building will be removed and the Huygens building is expected to have an intermediate section added onto it with a second entrance. Consideration will also be given to how Heyendaalseweg can be made greener. The matter will be discussed with the municipality, which owns the Heyendaalseweg, and with local residents. The aim is to make the entire campus an even greener, healthier and more biodiverse environment.

Campus heart

The Erasmus Square area will become the vibrant heart of the campus even more than it is now, with a ‘meeting centre’ on the site of the current lecture hall complex and space for student housing in the Erasmus Tower. The university library will have an entrance on the Erasmus Square side and will become an integral part of the heart of the campus.


The buildings and grounds on the campus will be designed to meet the needs that may have changed since the coronavirus pandemic. It is already clear that a separate building with large lecture halls will not be built again. New buildings will have lecture halls and educational spaces that can be used for all faculty education.


The campus plan is a guiding and a living document. The world around us is changing rapidly. Therefore, the campus plan offers room to anticipate this. This does not mean a different plan every year, but it does mean adjusting the plan when insights have changed.

Current projects

Law Library Grotiusbuilding

LED's Go

Lighting in the Huygens, Grotius, University Library and Elinor Ostrom buildings is being replaced with LED lighting.

More information

Locatie voor nieuwe huisvesting FdL-FFTR

Housing FoA-FPTR

The Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies will move in mid 2027.

More information

Want to know more? 

View the more detailed campus plan (in Dutch) via the document in this news item.

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