Locatie voor nieuwe huisvesting FdL-FFTR
Locatie voor nieuwe huisvesting FdL-FFTR

Housing FoA-FPTR

Towards a circular and energy-positive building
2023 until 2027
Project type
Real estate
Campus & Facilities

The Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies will move. The most sustainable building on campus will be located on the site of the current Spinoza building: maximally circular and energy-positive.

As it now appears, this project will have to be postponed for at least a year. The Executive Board expects to be able to provide more clarity about potential adjustments to the campus plan in the first half of 2025.

The project team introduces itself

Sustainable building

The goal for the construction is to optimally reuse the current Spinoza building. The foundations and the shell of the high-rise will be retained, but otherwise the building will be completely renovated. In line with the ambition for a climate-neutral campus, it will be an energy-positive building. What the building will ultimately look like is not yet known. However, the aim is the best building for good education and research, fitting within the framework of the campus plan. A building where staff and students like to come to work (together) and to meet each other. The work and study environment inspires and connects. Where on the one hand meeting and cooperation are central, on the other hand there is enough space for quiet and concentrated work. An environment where everyone feels welcome and enjoys staying.

Phasing and activities

The construction project has several phases and activities.. Each phase involves specific activities.