studenten achter computer
studenten achter computer

Assessment software replacement

1 January 2023 until 1 September 2024
Project type
Education Support

Ans will become new assessment software at Radboud University

The tender for testing software has been won by Ans. Ans will replace the Cirrus testing software. Under the guidance of the team of Delft company Ans, we will implement the new testing software Ans in the coming year at the Radboud University. 


The new testing software will not be implemented immediately. The academic year 2023/2024 will be used for careful preparation and implementation. This includes setting up the software, realising links with other systems (such as Osiris) and migrating the test questions from Cirrus. 

From January 2024, some teachers may start trial runs with the new software. From September 2024, the entire university will work with the new testing software. Also with Ans, it will still be possible to test with additional software, such as SPSS and Excel. 

Your test in Ans  

Do you want to know when your test will be taken in Ans? The Faculty Coordinator Digital Tests (FCDT) of your faculty will invite you when your test is eligible to be taken in Ans. We start with small groups (end of semester 1, academic year 23-24) and then slightly larger groups become eligible (semester 2, academic year 23-24).

Reason for this project

Digital testing has taken off in a short time at Radboud University: around 100,000 examinations take place digitally every year. Such numbers require good functionalities, high software reliability and a supplier that handles personal data with extreme care. The contract with the current supplier Cirrus expires and a new tender was necessary. 

Approach to tendering

After careful preparation, in consultation with the faculties, a European Tender was recently held with the aim of selecting a new supplier for digital testing software. The assessment criteria for the new test software were functional, technical and legal requirements (GDPR). User-friendliness was also included in the assessment. 

In April, several panels including representatives (lecturers, students and faculty digital testing coordinators) from the faculties assessed the vendors. The various panels were enthusiastic about Ans as a new software package for digital testing.   

Contact information

Do you have any questions or would you like to know more? Please contact your own faculty digital assessment coordinator or the project manager Michiel van Geloven via michiel.vangeloven [at]