Hybride werken
Hybride werken

Hybrid working

Working in a place that best suits the task at hand.

Hybride werken

What is hybrid working?

You carry out your work in the place that suits it best. You are no longer tied to a specific place, but you have freedom to choose where you can do your work best.


InWork is the name for all projects that work on the physical transformation of the campus to enable activity-related working.

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  • Everyone is welcome to work on campus.
  • You work activity-related.
  • Home working facilities are provided.
  • You can make arrangements with your team and your supervisor about how, where and when you work.

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Use the discussion tool

Hybrid working requires new routines. Discuss with your team how and where you will work (together).


Designing your workplace

It is important to have a safe and healthy workplace, even if you work from home. As an employee, you can therefore apply for home working facilities.

Order furniture

If you work from home, it is important to have a safe and healthy workplace. Employees can therefore order a desk and office chair for their home office, that meets the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.


Request ICT equipment

Do you work with a laptop for more than two hours a day? Then the use of an external monitor, separate keyboard and separate mouse is mandatory. You can order these tools for your home office.


Workplace advice

Are you wondering whether your chair and monitor are appropriately adjusted? If you have questions about a healthy workplace environment, contact the Prevention Officer at your department.


Latest news

Werkconcept InWork

First changes work environments Berchmanianum visible

Soon, the first changes in the working environments in Berchmanianum will be visible. The first (video)call cells and single workstations will be installed throughout the building in week 51.

Anouk Scheres

‘It’s pretty exhilarating to do a bit of brainstorming while you’re walking through the woods’

Anouk Scheres, who is Associate Professor of Developmental Psychology at Radboud University, has worked in several different ways at different stages of her life. It’s great to know that you can decide where and how you want to do your job.”

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