Een student is aan het werk op z'n laptop op de campus van de Radboud Universiteit.
Een student is aan het werk op z'n laptop op de campus van de Radboud Universiteit.

New Radboud account

Transition from number account to personal name account
2021 until 2024
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To be able to work properly with applications in the Cloud and the new Microsoft 365 environment, everyone has received a new Radboud University account in 2021. In addition, everyone has also received a new email address that looks the same as the new account name: first name.last name [at] 

The arrival of a new account and new email address is a major change from which we will ultimately derive many benefits, but it is also drastic and will not happen without a struggle.

Status and results


New Radboud Account planning

2021: Distribution Radboud account

In 2021, everyone was issued the new Radboud account along with MS365 and Teams. This Radboud account is also the new email address. With this new account we already log into the workplace, mail/agenda, Homedrive. In short: on all Windows applications. The old U-, S-, E-number accounts and the existing e-mail addresses will also be maintained for the time being for all so-called LDAP applications, such as Osiris, Brightspace, CMS, and portal.

2022: Merging duplicate mailboxes and calendars and duplicate personal folders

There are approximately 2,500 individuals at Radboud University who perform multiple roles and have separate accounts for each role. These are mainly working students who have an E-account in addition to their S-account, due to a side job at the university. A smaller group are student employees and have an S-account in addition to the U-account. The extra account often included an extra mailbox/agenda and an extra personal folder. These have been merged. Persons with multiple roles now have only one mailbox/agenda, in which all mail and appointments come together, and only one personal folder (U drive) in which all documents and other data come together.

2023-2024: Adaptation of LDAP and SURFconext applications.

You already use the new Radboud account for all Windows applications. The old U, S, E-account is still needed for the so-called LDAP and SURFconext applications. These applications will be modified in 2023-2024 so that you can also log in to these applications with the new Radboud account. And so that the application can also handle any multiple roles a person may have.

Transition period

We are in a transition period where you need both your old and your new account. This can be confusing for you. In applications - where possible - an icon indicates which account you have to use to log on:

Icoon Radboud-account

The new account

Icoon U/S/E/Z account

The old U/S/E account

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