Two websites

Radboud University currently has two websites. An old one and a new one. Not all information can be found on the new website yet. That is why the new and old websites will work side by side for a while.

What does this mean?

  • We have until all the information is reviewed and transferred 2 active websites (old and new).
  • The website is under construction and is therefore not yet perfect.
  • We are working on transferring all remaining information from the old to the new site step by step. 

Old vs. new website

Because the old website is very extensive (more than 150,000 pages), we gradually transfer information to the new website. Much is already over, but not everything yet. Therefore we refer to the old site on the new website for a while. 
The connection between the old and new website is a complex puzzle. This may occasionally cause problems, which we will solve as soon as possible!

What are we working on?

In addition, functionalities of the new website do not always function as expected, but we are of course working towards that. For example, we are working hard to optimise the internal search function, solve flaws and process feedback. 

We are also reviewing and transferring the remaining information from the old website. In this way, the new website will become increasingly complete and the old website will soon no longer be needed. The goal: a customer-friendly website in which the needs of the user are central.