Nieuwe website live
Nieuwe website live

A new environment for STIP and Study Guide Information

1 September 2023 until 1 September 2024
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Organisational / HR

In order to study successfully, students need a lot of information. Currently, this information can be found on faculty STIP pages or in cohort-specific Study Guides in the old website environment, Iprox. 

As Iprox is being phased out, the STIP and Study Guides Project is going to work on migrating this information to a new environment.


Radboud University's Customer-Focused Online project (1 October 2018 to 31 March 2023) focused on thoroughly improving the university's online communication. The core of the project was: the delivery of a new website, with a new content management system (Drupal). Two issues in the old website environment (Iprox) were previously outside the scope of the Customer-Focused Online project:

  1. The faculty STIP pages
  2. The study guides

The way faculties provide STIP and Study Guide information in Iprox differs enormously. In addition to transferring information, this project will also focus on harmonising information (where possible). 

In agreement with all relevant stakeholders, it has been decided that non-cohort-specific information will move to Drupal, accessible from one central location: All cohort-specific information from the Study Guides will move to Osiris.


Q2 2023: Delivery of Plan of Approach

In Q2 of 2023, Gerwald van de Munt (external project leader Fundatis) conducted an inventory resulting in a plan of approach that includes issues such as the inventory of educational information, target groups and platforms, architecture, management and functional design.

Q3 & Q4 2023: Start of project team

In the second half of 2023, the project team started to further shape the project plan and make preparations for the migration process, among other things.

Q1 2024 : Start migration process

Migrating both the faculty STIP information to Drupal and the study guide information to Osiris is a time-consuming process. To make this as efficient as possible, two Task Forces have been set up in addition to the project team. These will work in parallel on the migration process.

STIP Taskforce Drupal

A Taskforce was launched in February 2024. It includes 10 MarCom employees from both the faculties and the Marketing & Communications division. Their task is to accelerate the transfer of as much STIP content as possible from Iprox to Drupal in the coming months (until 1 July 2024), and then remove those pages in Iprox.

Study Guide Taskforce Osiris

The Osiris Taskforce will start in March 2024. More information will follow in due course.

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Nieuwe website

A new environment for STIP and Study Guide Information

As Iprox is being phased out, the STIP and Study Guide Project is going to work on migrating the faculty STIP pages and the cohort-specific Study Guides to a new environment.

Contact information

For questions about the STIP and Study Guides project, please contact project manager Gerwald van de Munt, external project manager at Fundatis, via gerwald.vandemunt [at] (gerwald[dot]vandemunt[at]ru[dot]nl) 


Funder of this project is the KOF programme (Quality Improvement Support of Functions) of the RUDO.