Hybride werken
Hybride werken

Radboud Modern Workplace

New workplace that aligns with ‘new (hybrid)’ working.
2024 until 2026
Project member(s)
R.J. Euwijk (Ruben) R. Kuster (Remy) D. Rozenblad (Dave) J.A. Sondang (Aksel) J.A.C.E. Rasing (Joris) C. Bransen (Camiel) B.J.A. Oliemeulen (Ben) G.T.G.R. Kosman (Giovanni)
Project type

The way of working has changed in recent years at Radboud University. From being physically present on campus and using your own workplace, it has shifted to hybrid working. Sometimes at home, sometimes in the office, at a fixed workstation or a flex workstation. Being able to work anywhere and anytime has become the new standard at Radboud University. Not only for employees, but also for students. The current Radboud managed Windows workstations are set up on the basis of always-on campus working and not hybrid working. Moreover, macOS workstations are not currently managed. Therefore, one of the objectives of this project is to start managing all macOS workstations, both new and existing.

To better align the (mobile) workstations with hybrid working and to take the security of these devices to the next level, ILS is realising three new types of ‘Radboud Modern Workstations’:

  • A Windows workplace
  • A macOS workspace
  • A virtual workstation

ILS will soon manage all these types of workstations with one mobile management tool, called: Intune.


  • No more need for an active VPN connection to keep the workstation up-to-date.
  • No more need for an active VPN connection to install applications and keep them up-to-date.
  • Ability to work with compliance policies.
  • More flexibility for employees, such as possible home delivery of workstations.
  • Better connection to information Security policies.
  • Better connection to Cloud services.

Areas of interest

Mobile phones are not covered by this project. Many Radboud systems are still hosted on location and are therefore a focus of attention. This is because these must continue to function on the new workplace concepts.


  • Deliver new macOS devices using the Modern Workplace concept.
  • Convert macOS devices already in use to this concept.
  • Implement new workplace concept for laptops.
  • Migrate current Windows laptop workstations to this concept.
  • Develop Virtual workplace concept for employees and students.


New macOS devices will be delivered since April 2024. Currently, the focus is on the realisation of the modern Windows workplace and the virtual workplace.