InWork Berchmanianum
InWork Berchmanianum

InWork Berchmanianum

The new working concept in academy building Berchmanianum
2020 until 2024
Project member(s)
Niek Jenniskens , Linda Mostert , J. Maasbach (Jet) A.I.M.A. Lamers (Audrey) M.G.F. Melsinga (Marcel) M.H. Kerkhoff (Maykel) A.M.C. van Dijk-Jonkman (Anne-Margreet)
Project type
Organisational / HR
Radboud Services

InWork Berchmanianum focuses on developing and implementing a new way of working (together) in academy building Berchmanianum. The premise is that you are no longer tied to a specific desk, but can use a large number of workplace types throughout the building. 

With InWork, we want to create a working environment that you enjoy working in. We find it important that meeting and working together is easy, pleasant and accessible. That's why we want to make sure you have the freedom to choose a space that best suits the work you do.


A preliminary design is underway. By 2023, the first concrete changes will be visible, such as:

  • The installation of (video) call boxes and single-person workstations
  • The redesign of the second floor for the relocation of Finance & Control
  • The redesign of the meeting café with new furniture and more greenery

Contact information

Do you want to know about InWork or do you have a question?

n.jenniskens [at] (Contact the project manager)