Werkcafé EOS
Werkcafé EOS

InWork Elinor Ostrom building

Working environment Campus & Facilities
2021 until 2024
Project type
Organisational / HR
Campus & Facilities

The working environment of Campus & Facilities on the third floor of the Elinor Ostrom building and in the Gymnasion (Sports & Culture) underwent a metamorphosis. The (physical) layout and design of the working environment encourage collaboration and meeting and offer individual freedom of choice.

You are not tied to a specific workplace, you can choose where you can do your work best. You choose the workplace that suits the activity of the moment. That workplace can be on campus but you can also work from another location. You can make arrangements with your team and your manager about how, where and when you work. More information on sustainable working, available home office facilities and the hybrid working scheme can be found here: Radboud Sustainable Working.

Principles InWork Campus & Facilities

  1. The new working environment promotes job satisfaction and energy.
  2. As far as possible, employees choose their own workplace and work location based on their activities and needs.
  3. Colleagues should be able to find and contact each other.
  4. We create the space needed to offer more choice by giving up own (personal) workplaces wherever possible.
  5. Where possible, we make sustainable choices.

The new working environment of Campus & Facilities was delivered in January 2024. There is space for meeting, (creative) collaboration, individual work and work in silence.

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