Recognition & Rewards
Recognition & Rewards

Recognition & Rewards

Towards a better balance in recognizing & valuing our work.

How do we as a university bring science, students and society forward? And how do we ensure that we do this in a way that employees thrive? By engaging in conversation, changing policies and launching initiatives, we want to ensure more room for employees and teams to use and develop their diverse talents in a healthy way.

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For whom?

It started with the academic staff, but everyone needs to feel recognized and appreciated. That is why Radboud University's program applies at all levels and to all employees who contribute to the core missions of teaching, research, social impact and leadership.

Four principals

With the Recognition & Rewards program, we focus on the 4 principals:

  • We apply a richer understanding of quality to assess our work and to reward performance. 
  • We seek more collaboration in our core tasks and we work toward a good balance between recognizing and valuing individual performance and team performance.
  • We recognize the importance of the diversity of roles of academics (teaching, research, leadership, social impact) and value the talents and aspirations of all employees. 
  • We take the human dimension: mutual trust, open communication and strive for a good balance between professional autonomy and good governance, and between work and private life.
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Erkennen en Waarderen barometer

Results of first Recognition & Rewards culture barometer

The results of the first Recognition & Rewards Culture Barometer, which was conducted in early 2024, are known. With the help of the Recognition & Rewards culture barometer, it is possible to follow the progress of the programme.

Frank Leoné

Card game for Recognition and Rewards: 'Making charged topics discussable'

Having valuable conversations with academic colleagues in an accessible way, about themes that usually remain beneath the surface. This is possible with mmmAcademia, a new card game that promotes dialogue and reflection on Recognition and Rewards.

Jacqueline Drost

New project leader Recognition and Rewards

The Recognition and Rewards programme has a new project leader. Former researcher and lecturer, Jacqueline Drost, returns to Radboud University.