Reflecting on your work practice with the mmmAcademia card game

Traditionally, many academics are both researchers and teachers. In practice, however, the two disciplines are not always valued equally. How does this apply to your work practice? How do you experience working within the academy? Do you ever talk about this with colleagues?  

To start the conversation about recognition and appreciation at Radboud University, lecturer and researcher Frank Léoné developed a dialogue card game together with a designer and colleagues. The purpose of the game is to initiate dialogue about recognition and appreciation.

een kaart uit het kaartspel mmmAcademia

How does the game work?

In mmmAcademia, you engage in a conversation with one or more colleagues on various topics of recognition and appreciation. Each card asks you to think about how you think things are going now and how you think they would work in an ideal situation.

Here you determine the focal points yourself, for example by selecting cards that deal specifically with education, research, social impact or the human dimension. Think, for example, about the division of labor within your department or the way teaching is valued. The card game is only available in English.

With the card game you can:

  • Reflect on your own perspective when it comes to recognition and appreciation at the university.
  • Stimulate the conversation about recognition and appreciation within your own department.
  • Discuss sensitive topics in a playful way.

Play the game and let your voice be heard

If you would like to play the dialogue card game, let us know and we will send you a set of cards.

We are curious to know how you use the card game and what reactions it evokes. Share your experiences with creator Frank Léoné.