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User-focused Online project

Transition to new Radboud University website

The User-Focused Online (Klantgericht Online) project focuses on the radical improvement of online communication from Radboud University. It targets the needs and search behaviour of our users. 

Our current online communication is mainly focused inwards, on our offerings and organisation. However, to better respond to the needs and search behaviour of our users, we want our online communication to be much more demand- and user-focused. This will ensure that Radboud University continues to attract students, researchers, collaboration partners and investors. To achieve this goal, we are developing a new platform that will serve an updated, as well as other communication channels (such as programme comparison sites or Radboud Recharge). This requires a major overhaul of our current approach to online communication.

Status and results

In June 2022, the 'first shell' of the User-focused Online project was delivered: a new website, served from a new content management system (developed from the Drupal framework). With this, the basis of User-focused Online has been realised.

We are currently working on the transition of information from faculties and organisational units to the new platform and securing the principles and methods of User-focused Online in the organisation.

Task Force

A Task Force started in January, formed by 14 MarCom employees from both the faculties and the division M&C. Their assignment is to accelerate over the next 6 months (until 1 July 2023) to convert as much content, determined to be important to corporate audiences, to Drupal and then remove those pages in IPROX. 

Updates on what information has been converted can be read in the weekly newsletter, questions can be directed to klantgerichtonline [at]

Target group and domain teams

Simultaneously, the target group and domain teams are still working on optimizing the customer journey for (potential) students, (potential) employees, alumni, research and services according to the principles of User-focused Online. This involves not only structuring the website, but also standardizing and improving underlying processes and analysing the needs of different target groups based on target group research. This includes, for example, the transition of the research institutes, soon the first website of a research institute (RIBES) will come online in Drupal. 

A separate project will be started for the transition of STIP information and study guides to the new website for the purpose of harmonising this information.


the User-focused Online project revealed that both and RadboudNet were used for archiving information and storing information about work processes. As our ambition is to create an environment where corporate target groups in particular can quickly find relevant information, there is no longer room for these functions on the renewed The need for an archive environment and an environment to work in (together) naturally exist. Information Management has therefore been asked to clarify which systems are intended for which information needs. Only when there is a good alternative for these types of information will we dismantle RadboudNet.


    Do you want to know more about the User-focused Online project or do you have any questions? Send an email to: klantgerichtonline [at] Or contact the faculty communications department:

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    You can also use the weekly drop-in hour. This takes place every Tuesday from 14:00-15:00 in the attic of Berchmanianum.