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User-focused Online project

Transition to new Radboud University website

The User-Focused Online (Klantgericht Online) project focuses on the radical improvement of online communication from Radboud University. It targets the needs and search behaviour of our users. 

Our current online communication is mainly focused inwards, on our offerings and organisation. However, to better respond to the needs and search behaviour of our users, we want our online communication to be much more demand- and user-focused. This will ensure that Radboud University continues to attract students, researchers, collaboration partners and investors. To achieve this goal, we are developing a new platform that will serve an updated, as well as other communication channels (including social media, brand portal, programme comparison sites). This requires a major overhaul of our current approach to online communication.

What do we want to be online?

  • Good and easy to find
  • Conveying recognisability, professionalism and innovation
  • Really (further) helpful to users

Why do we want that?

  • To recruit and retain our target group
  • To (further) build our reputation
  • To improve organisational performance
  • To make efficient use of available capacity and resources

What does that require?

  • High-quality, consistent content
  • Content that’s in line with needs and expectations
  • A content management plan with clear agreements and criteria
  • An organisation that supports this
  • A content management system that supports this


On Thursday 16 June 2022, the 'first shell' of the User-focused Online project was delivered: a new website, served from a new content management system (developed from the Drupal framework). With this, the basis of User-focused Online has been realised and the next phase of the project has begun: the transition of information from faculties and organisational units to the new platform and securing the principles and working methods of User-focused Online in the standing organisation.

    Prioritering Klantgericht Online schil 2

    Priorities phase 2

    In this phase, we will integrate all remaining content on a customised basis into the User-focused Online concept. Some of the information has become obsolete or redundant and does not need to be transferred. Nevertheless, the volume of remaining content is still large and not everything can be handled at the same time. In cooperation with organisational units, priorities for 'phase 2' have therefore been set for each target group and domain team.

    The target group and domain teams work from 2 trajectories:

    • Trajectory 1 = priorities based on working method Customer-focused Online and target group research
    • Trajectory 2 = priorities based on organisational interest

    At the moment the joint priority is to transition STIP information, research institutes and groups and content for accreditation and visitation to the new CMS.

    Explanation of trajectory 2

    This trajectory proceeds in close cooperation with the organisation, with guidance and advice from the Marketing & Communications division. We approach it as follows:

    • Intakeinterview inventory capacitity, skills, training
      • Capacity - who within this organisational unit can take up the project
      • Skills - is all the necessary basic knowledge present within the organisational unit?
      • Training - what training will these people attend?
    • Implementation in phases, with check-in moments
      • Preparation - inventory (organisational) goals, target group(s), customer goals and questions, call-to-actions
      • Target group research - execution and analysis of results
      • Content creation - writing texts, collecting images, creating accessible PDFs, designing forms
      • Content entry - entering into CMS, adding metadata and SEO descriptions
      • Go live: setting up navigation & redirects, removing content in old CMS
      • Analysis: setting up content lifecycle management, after-care


    Do you want to know more about the User-focused Online project or do you have any questions? Send an email to: klantgerichtonline [at] Or contact the faculty communications department:

    Contact information

    You can also use the weekly drop-in hour. This takes place every Tuesday from 14:00-15:00 in the attic of Berchmanianum.