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By October 2025, Windows 11 will be installed on all workstations

Radboud University is responsible for keeping the University’s ICT systems secure and up-to-date. All Radboud-managed Windows workspaces currently run on Windows 10. Microsoft will stop offering support for Windows 10 as of October 2025. This means that Windows 10 will cease to be secure from that point on because updates will no longer be offered, and this will increase the risk of vulnerabilities. Accordingly, Windows 11 will be installed on all Radboud managed Windows workspaces before then.

There are other benefits to Windows 11 in addition to the security reasons. These include a new look and new features that improve usability, productivity and performance.

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Who and when?

All employees’ Radboud-managed Windows workspaces will be migrated to Windows 11 by October 2025. This applies to both fixed workspaces (desktops) and mobile workspaces (laptops). All study and resource centre and lecture hall workspaces will be migrated to Windows 11 too.

A schedule for each faculty/unit/division will follow. You will be informed via your faculty/unit/division’s newsletter before your device is upgraded to Windows 11.

What is the impact and what is expected of you?

Your device will be upgraded to Windows 11 remotely. You do not need to be on campus to do this. So you do not need to be on campus for it. When it is your device’s turn, you will receive a notification at the bottom right of the screen. You can upgrade at a moment that is convenient for you from that point on. You can delay the upgrade for up to three weeks, after which it will be forced. During the upgrade, you cannot use your computer or laptop for a maximum of one hour. Your desktop will reboot automatically. Then you will have Windows 11. Make sure you save all your files before starting the upgrade. This is important because your desktop will automatically reboot during the process.


Windows 11 will be installed on all Radboud-managed Windows workspaces by October 2025.

Areas of focus

Some devices do not meet the required specifications for Windows 11. These should therefore be replaced with new ones. You will be informed in good time if your device does not comply. If you have questions and/or comments, we would request you first take a look at the Selfservice portal. This requires connection to eduroam, eduVPN or physical campus network. You can find more information about the project and answers to the most frequently asked questions in the Selfservice portal.


ILS staff have been testing Windows 11 extensively since summer 2023. For example, all corporate information systems were tested on Windows 11 by the relevant functional administrators. No particular points for concern have emerged from this. As such, we are now ready for the next step: a pilot within ILS. All ILS employees will switch to Windows 11, starting Monday 4 March. This pilot will be evaluated in April, followed by a go/no go decision for the RU-wide rollout of Windows 11.

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