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News for researchers

sign climate change

Supporting the right small changes can have big impacts

Small changes in our everyday actions can trigger significant, rapid societal shifts especially when it comes to climate action. A newstudy highlights the importance of analyzing these dynamics with a comprehensive framework.

Alexander Hoischen

Alexander Hoischen appointed as professor of Genomic Technologies for Immune-Mediated and Infectious Diseases

Geneticist Alexander Hoischen has been appointed as Professor of Genomic Technologies for Immune-Mediated and Infectious Diseases at Radboud university medical center and Radboud University.

Erkennen en Waarderen barometer

Results of first Recognition & Rewards culture barometer

The results of the first Recognition & Rewards Culture Barometer, which was conducted in early 2024, are known. With the help of the Recognition & Rewards culture barometer, it is possible to follow the progress of the programme.

Events for researchers

professor Mathijs Vervloed

Symposium Communication for all

BSI and Stichting Milo will host a symposium on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) before Mathijs Vervloed's inaugural lecture on 26 June. Also AAC aid manufacturers will showcase their products (eye trackers).

Moestuin Radboud

Community Garden - meeting each other

Donderdag 27 juni kun je een rondleiding door de tuin krijgen. We zullen samen lunchen en het over ideeën voor tijdens en na de zomer hebben. En natuurlijk kan je de handen uit de mouwen steken met wieden of water geven in de tuin.

Eric Maris

Spotlight on statistics with Eric Maris

This is a discussion meeting in which the discussion leader, dr. Eric Maris, will challenge some current practices in statistical testing in the behavioural sciences and provide some ammunition for the debate.