As a researcher, this page offers you all the information you need for your work in research at Radboud University.

News for researchers

Afbeelding IMAPP communication award

Winner IMAPP PhD Award for scientific communication 2024

Patricia Ribes (High Energy Phyisics) won this year the PhD Award for scientific communication.

Slum housing next to a polluted stream in Indonesia

The power of local knowledge

Establishing collaborations between researchers and local communities can enhance scientific understanding and promote more equitable, sustainable solutions for a better future.

Logo Radboud Repository

More than 8,000 extra publications became open access by success opt-out working method

Since 1 January 2024, Radboud University has implemented a procedure that allows short works of science to become available open access even faster on the basis of Article 25fa of the Dutch Copyright Act.

Events for researchers

Groep studenten aan het werk buiten op de campus

Kick-off meeting SIG Academic (Learning) Communities

On 7 March 2024, the Special Interest Group Academic (Learning) Communities will be launched. Are you interested and/or do you want to contribute to this initiative? Then sign up for the kick-off meeting.

Joint Online Mathematical Relativity Colloquium: Rita Teixeira da Costa

Join the Joint Online Mathematical Relativity Colloquium (JoMaReC) with Rita Teixeira da Costa from Princeton University and the University of Cambridge.

Foto van een bijeenkomst in het Huygensgebouw

Faculty of Science Meet Up

Faculty of Science Meet Ups are for staff and students of the Faculty of Science. The goal is to catch up, celebrate achievements, and share special moments from the faculty.