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Bijbel met evangelie

'The evangelical' does not exist

By identifying demographic differences within religious groups, we can develop a more nuanced understanding of religious beliefs and the role of religion in society.


Integrity of mayors and council members at times hard to assess

We expect mayors, councillors and other office holders to act with integrity and autonomy: indeed, several rules to this end are laid down by law. But how do we assess integrity, and how much protection does the law offer?

Prof. Roeland Nolte

In Memoriam Prof. Roeland J.M. Nolte

In the early morning of Thursday February 15 2024, Professor Emeritus Roeland Nolte passed away, aged 79. We remember him with this In Memoriam.

Events for researchers

Mathematics events banner

Mathematics Colloquium: Susanna Terracini

Join the Mathematics Colloquium with Susanna Terracini from University of Turin about Boundary Harnack principles and Schauder estimates for degenerate equations on singular sets.

Portrait of Gautam Satishchandran

Quantum & Gravity Seminar Gautam Satishchandran

Generalized Black Hole Entropy is von Neumann Entropy

Een foto van de zonnepanelen op het dak van het Maria Montessorigebouw. In de achtergrond zie je het Erasmusgebouw.

Meeting SIG Sustainability (27-02)

This Special Interest Group (SIG) focuses on questions revolving around the relationship between teaching, sustainability (defined as care for all forms of life), and sustainable development.