Publishing research

This page gives you the most important information about how and where you can publish your research.

Open Access publishing

Open Access is the unrestricted sharing and re-using of publications such as journal articles, theses, books and research data. As a researcher, open access publishing can be advantageous: more visibility for your publication, your work being re-used, greater distribution to colleagues and an increased chance of being cited.

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Open access publishing and Plan S

If you have been receiving research funding from one of the Plan S signatories, any scientific publications must be published in open access immediately, without embargo. Read how to comply with the conditions of Plan S. 

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Publishing and archiving in the Radboud Repository

The Radboud Repository and the Radboud Data Repository are digital storage places where you can publish or archive your research data and findings so that other people can also see them. 

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Copyright for researchers

When publishing and using or re-using an article, book or chapter from a book, copyright is always involved. Read about what you need to know about copyright, as a researcher.

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