Open Access publishing

Open Access is the unrestricted sharing and re-using of publications such as journal articles, theses, books and research data. As a researcher, open access publishing can be advantageous: more visibility for your publication, your work being re-used, greater distribution to colleagues and an increased chance of being cited.

The website collects information about open access publishing. Read here about:

  • What open access is
  • What the advantages and disadvantages of open access publishing are
  • Which forms of open access there are
  • How you can find open-access journals
  • Which publishing deals are available.

Everything about open access

Free open access publishing through Radboud University

1. Radboud University Press

Radboud University offers the 'diamond open access' option through Radboud University Press. Radboud University Press is an open access publisher of scientific, peer-reviewed journals and books across a broad range of academic disciplines. You retain your copyright, you don't pay for online publishing and your publication is available to everyone, without obstacles.

Website Radboud University Press

2. Radboud Repository

The publication (a publisher's or author's version of it - whether after an embargo period or not) will appear in the university's Radboud Repository. If the publication previously appeared through a traditional publisher, a link to that publication will be given in the Repository. There is no extra charge for this to scientific authors.

Publishing open access for free or at a discount 

The umbrella organisation, Universities of the Netherlands, has open access deals with several major publishers. Staff of Dutch universities can publish in those publishers' journals free or at a generous discount. As a researcher at Radboud University, you can get additional discount at certain publishers and journals.

Help with avoiding questionable journals

How do you guarantee the quality of an open access journal? And how do you recognise predatory publishers who abuse the open access publishing model? The following organisations will help you find open access journals of a good quality.


If you have any questions about Open Access, please email: