Contract and Salary for Excellence Initiative Employees

Excellence Initiative employees have different contracts and salary structures than other employees of Radboud University. There are also differences between professorships and fellowships. 



For professors, Radboud Excellence Initiative will facilitate a stay at Radboud University or Radboudumc to work on a research project in collaboration with a Nijmegen research group.
There are different options: a professor can stay for 6 months full-time, or a maximum of 24 months part-time. According to their preference, they can also choose to come for 2 periods of 3 months, or 3 periods of 2 months. Minimum stay is 4-6 weeks.
Their stay in Nijmegen starts within a year after being awarded the Radboud Excellence professorship. The end date should be within two years of being awarded the professorship. Please be aware that preparations may take several months.


A visiting Radboud Excellence professor will keep their position at their home university, while Radboud University or Radboudumc will draw up a so-called ‘Contract for Services’. This contract will mention your allowance and the research you will be performing during your time in Nijmegen. It will not make you a Radboud employee.
As a Radboud Excellence professor you will be awarded a fixed amount gross per month, for every full month you will be working at Radboud full-time. This includes the Radboud Excellence ‘prize’ as well as an allowance for rent, cost of living etc.
These amounts are before tax (gross); depending on your circumstances, you may need to pay taxes in your home country. Also, in some cases, you will need to pay taxes in the Netherlands. These will be deducted from the pre-tax monthly amount. Before your arrival we will draw up a contract and determine in which country you are subject to taxation with respect to what you are paid for your professorship.
When you don’t stay a full month or work part-time, your prize and allowance will be recalculated pro rata.



For fellows, Radboud Excellence Initiative will facilitate a two-year stay in Nijmegen, working under the supervision of the nominator or a supervisor at their research institute. The fellow will be offered an employment contract and will enjoy all the rights and provisions of Radboud staff members. On top of that, there are extra provisions for Radboud Excellence fellows.
The Radboud Excellence fellowship can start within a year after being awarded the fellowship. Please be aware that preparations may take several months.


Before you come to the Netherlands, either the Radboud Excellence Hospitality Officer or your HR officer will request you to fill in certain forms and provide the information needed to draw up your contract.

For the two years in Nijmegen, we will offer you a contract as Radboud Excellence fellow, with wages in salary scale 10 or 11 of the salary structure in the Collective Labour Agreement. For Radboud University employees this is the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities; for Radboudumc employees this is the CAO University Medical Centres. Your salary will be determined depending on your seniority. As a Radboud employee, you will receive a holiday allowance of 8% of your gross salary and an end-of-year bonus of 8.3% of your gross salary.

On top of your salary, you will be reimbursed for extra costs such as travel and relocation, and will be supported in other ways by the Radboud Excellence Initiative.

Your HR officer will draw up a contract and inform you about all the details concerning your employment.

Please note

The department or faculty will receive a so-called bench fee of € 500 for every full month that a fellow or professor works with them. Costs of an office space, a laptop or PC, office supplies etc. will not be paid separately by REI. The monthly 'bench fee' is meant to cover this.

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