Excellence Initiative Nomination

Who can act as a nominator?

Criteria for nominators

Nominators are researchers employed by Radboud University or Radboudumc who:

  • received a personal Vidi, Vici or ERC Grant, or
  • won a Spinoza prize, or
  • are members of KNAW or Academia Europaea, or
  • have other comparable international academic recognition.

Additionally, deans of Radboud faculties and directors of research institutes may nominate candidates. Nominators cannot be retired.

Limitations for nominators

  • Each nominator may nominate one fellow and one professor per calendar year, either in the same nomination round or in different rounds in the same year. A nominator may simultaneously host one fellow and one professor.
  • If more than one nomination is submitted by the same research group, they need to add their own ranking order of these nominations.
  • A nominator whose application has been granted may not submit an application for that category (fellowship or professorship) in the next round.
  • Re-submission in a following round is possible if it appears that the quality of the candidate was satisfactory, but there were other reasons for the rejection. 

Finding the right nominator

Are you interested in coming to Nijmegen as a Radboud Excellence fellow or professor but are you unsure who could nominate you? You can email us at excellence-nominations [at] ru.nl stating your preferred research institute, so we can put you into contact with the right people.


If you have any questions or if you are unsure whether you meet the criteria, please email us your questions.