Practical and Financial Assistance

The Radboud Excellence Initiative offers additional practical and financial assistance to professors and fellows for a smooth arrival and stay in Nijmegen, which you can find below. As a candidate, you will be connected with an HR officer who is happy to advice you on all practical manners. For more information on any other practical matters, such as insurance and family support services, please see the page about living and working in the Netherlands:

Living & Working in the Netherlands

Traveling to Nijmegen

Visa or work permit

Your HR officer will assist you with your application should you need a visa or work permit to stay and work in the Netherlands. All legal fees concerning the application will be reimbursed by the Radboud Excellence Initiative.

Travel costs

Travels costs for one return journey to and from the Netherlands will be reimbursed. We will pay for a return plane ticket (economy class), as well as train tickets (first class) from the airport to Nijmegen. You will also be reimbursed for one return journey of any family member that will join you here. If you travel to Nijmegen by train or car, please contact the Hospitality Officer for the conditions.


As soon as you accept your professorship or fellowship, we will ask you if you want housing assistance. We work with an agency to find housing for candidates in the Nijmegen region. All agency fees are covered by the Radboud Excellence Initiative. The agency will contact you directly for your housing wishes. You can decide whether you prefer a furnished or unfurnished apartment. They will start looking for a place some 1-3 months before your arrival.

Relocation and refurbishing

Under certain conditions, candidates can claim a relocation allowance. If you stay with us for at least two years, you may also be entitled to a refurbishment allowance paid by the Radboud Excellence Initiative. Your HR officer can inform you on the specific conditions and check if it applies to your personal situation.

Upon arrival

Registration and banking

On one of your first days, we will help you register with the City of Nijmegen. They will issue you with a social security number, which is needed to draw up your employment contract or ‘Contract for Services’. We will also help you open a Dutch bank account, so you can avoid international bank charges. Your salary or allowance will be paid into this account.

Dutch language courses

If you want to learn Dutch during your stay, the Radboud Excellence Initiative will cover the cost of Dutch language courses of all levels offered by Radboud In’to Languages. Arrange the course registration with your Hospitality Officer.

During your research

Visiting conferences (only for fellows)

If you want to attend an international conference in the Netherlands or abroad, the Radboud Excellence Initiative will financially support you up to a maximum of € 2,500 for one or more conferences over the total period. This can be used to cover the travel costs and registration fee. Your nominator will need to apply for you. In exchange, we expect you to help promote the name of Radboud University or Radboudumc when presenting your research.

Organizing a workshop

When candidates want to organise a workshop or conference in Nijmegen, we are happy to help you finance this to a maximum of € 1,000. Your nominator will need to apply for you.

Publishing your research

If you want to publish the results of the Radboud Excellence project in an Open Access journal, we will cover the costs. Please ask your nominator to apply.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us. 

+31 6 52 46 65 84