Writing a data management plan

On this page you can find information on how to write a data management plan and paragraph as part of your research. 

Data management plan

Writing a data management plan (DMP) helps you start managing your data correctly. Radboud University has developed a tool for writing such a plan. Radboudumc employees can use the DMP online tool: log in, select 'Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc)' as the primary research organisation, and create a plan.

A data management plan helps you to make conscious decisions about research data in your project. This can save a lot of time in a later phase of the research. A data management plan is a dynamic document. Discuss it with your colleagues or supervisors and update it regularly (and consider versioning).

Most funders have set conditions for writing a data management plan. Please use the format of your funder. NOTE: the funder formats are included in Radboud University's DMP tool.

Data management paragraph

When applying for funding, it becomes more and more common to write a data management paragraph. On this page, we address the topics that are regularly asked for in data management paragraphs and provide you with example texts. The examples below are general and can be used in a pick-and-mix fashion. We also provide a specific Horizon Europe Standard Application Form template.


For more detailed support or feedback when drafting your data management paragraph, please get in touch with RDM Support. Or contact the data steward of your institute.

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