Behavioural Science Labs

The Behavioural Science Institute (BSI) has excellent in-house facilities that are used to test participants under standardised conditions. Researchers can use our labs and various resources for optimum data collection.


  • Virtual Reality Lab
    In this lab, realistic, three-dimensional computer-generated environments can be created in which researchers can follow participants. Psychological research into anxiety disorders is carried out here, for example.
  • Bar Lab
    Observational research into social behaviour in a natural setting can be done here, by means of discreet cameras and recording equipment.
  • Sports Lab
    This lab is used for behavioural and psycho-physiological measurements during exertion. There is new, state-of-the-art apparatus available, such as a professional treadmill, widescreen television, digital video cameras, sleep managers and heart rate monitors.
  • Robotics Lab
    With a wide range from Lego robots to humanoid robots, this lab makes it possible to research the interaction between human and robot.
  • Music Cognition Lab
    Everything you need to gain insight into the cognitive mechanisms that form the basis of musicality.
  • Observation Lab
    People's behaviour can be observed in this lab, by means of a one-way screen and multiple cameras.
  • Computer Lab
    In this lab, 22 identical spaces are available for carrying out computerised experiments.
  • Mobile Labs
    We also have mobile labs available, for carrying out experiments outside the university. They allow you to do tests and observations with, for example, EEG and computers, on location at schools, for example.
  • Lab for physiological measurements
    Here, researchers can measure neurocognitive biomechanical mechanisms that influence behaviour, using EEG apparatus, for example.
Onderzoekslab in het Maria Montessorigebouw


  • Eye trackers
    Researchers use eye trackers to measure eye movements and determine the visual attention.
  • Stabilometric platforms
    These are for research into freeze-approach-avoidance behaviour.

Contact & Access

The Behavioural Science Labs are located in the Maria Montessori Building.

For more information and access to the facilites, reach out to the BSI department.

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