Radboud Single-Cell Centre

The Radboud Single-Cell Centre (RSCC) aims to build and foster a community of single-cell genomics technologies across all disciplines (basic, pre-clinical and translational research) on the Radboud University campus and in the broader Nijmegen area. 

The RSCC provides a physical location with infrastructure and support to perform single-cell genomics experiments. The goal is to share expertise on single cell technologies and make it more accessible to those interested through training and workshops. It is an initiative of RIMLS-Science and is supported by the RTC board. 

What does the RSCC offer?

  • Consultation
  • Advice on experimental design 
  • Advice on optimising sample preparation
  • Training on instruments
  • Workshops
  • Preparation of libraries and sequencing* 

* Upon agreement, the RIMLS-Science can offer a joint effort on a fee-for-service basis where samples are handled and analysis-ready processed data, including quality control reports are returned. We reserve the right to decline based on available expertise and capacity.

Technologies at the RSCC

10x Genomics 


Internal and external users can contact the Radboud Single-Cell Centre at