Solar Energy Calibration Facilities

The Applied Materials Science department houses Solar Energy Calibration Facilities to support innovations in solar energy harvesting systems, like new types of solar cells and modules. 


These facilities include dedicated equipment for the analyses and continuous monitoring of solar energy harvesting systems. Solar cells based on high-performance III-V semiconductors are typically forwarded by the department’s Semiconductor Growth and Processing Facilities.

In addition cells and (sub)modules based on other materials (c-Si, a-Si, III-V, CIGS, CdTe, perovskites, etc.) which are brought in by industrial research partners of AMS are also monitored. The facilities allow for analysis under standard test conditions (AM1.5, 1000 W/cm2, 25 oC) as well as concentrated illumination levels (up to 2000 times) and under precisely controlled indoor as well as relevant outdoor weather conditions.

Indoor Calibration Facility

 Indoor Calibration Facility

  • Solar simulators for calibrated IV measurements;
  • Quantum efficiency set-up for spectral response analyses;
  • Integrating sphere reflection analyses;
  • Concentrator set-ups for CPV-cell analyses.
Outdoor Calibration Facility

Outdoor Calibration Facility

  • Continuous global, direct & spectrally resolved solar irradiation monitoring
  • Cloud coverage monitoring;
  • Stationary rigs and sun tracking systems for mounting of solar (sub)modules;
  • Continuous module data acquisition (I-V, temperature, power-out, etc.);
  • Portal system for data transfer to the users.

Contact & Access

Internal users can reserve through the booking platform.

Visiting address

Huygens building, room 03.523
Heyendaalseweg 135
6525 AJ Nijmegen

More information?

Interested in the solar cell proof of concept line? Contact dr. John Schermer.

For the other facilities, reach out via:

024-365 3353

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