Solid State Chemistry Labs

In the labs of the Solid State Chemistry department, research is conducted on the processes that occur during formation and growth of crystals. We aim to apply this understanding to the prediction and control of crystal morphology and perfection.

Laboratories & equipment

Researcher at Solid State Chemistry group

Microscopy wet lab

The microscopy wet-lab is used for studying crystal and in-situ crystal growth. Experiments can be performed under "wet" conditions by using thermostatic controlled optical chambers. The laboratory is equipped with a number of optical instruments such as Zeiss Axioplan microscopes.

Microscopy dry lab

The microscopy dry-lab is used for characterisation of crystals and material typically under dry conditions. The laboratory is equipped with a Raman-microscope, a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), a Polorazing microscope and a Mach-Zender Interferometer.

Chemistry lab

The chemistry lab provides the opportunity to perform a variety of chemical or physical-chemical experiments. Amongst standard laboratory equipment, there are six fume cupboards and additional bench-space available.

Analytical lab

The analytical lab provides the opportunity to perform instrumental analysis. For this, the laboratory is equipped with a variety of analytical instruments, such as a DSC, a Calorimeter, an UV/ VIS-spectrometer and an HPLC.

AFM nano lab

  • AFM MM8
  • AFM Multimode

X-Ray diffraction lab

You can find information on the facilities for diffractometry on their seperate page:

X-Ray Diffraction Lab

Contact & Access

The department of Solid State Chemistry is part of the Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM). The labs are located in the Huygens Building.


Lab room numbers:

  • Microscopy wet lab: HG 03.641
  • Microscopy dry lab: HG 03.645
  • Chemistry lab: HG 03.618
  • Analytical lab: HG 03.621
  • AFM nano lab: ?

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