Plant and animal models

Radboud University offers a wide range of facilities for plant and animal model research, including a greenhouse, phytotron and experimental garden, zebrafish facilities, and expertise in various fields.


The bioreactor facility is used for the cultivation of microorganisms and microbial communities from the environment. The facility includes two fully equipped bioreactor labs with more than 40 dedicated bioreactor systems in operation for fully controlled aerobic and anaerobic cultivation and enrichment of microorganisms.

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Greenhouse, phytotron and experimental garden

Radboud University houses an experimental garden. In this modern greenhouse facility, research is conducted on the effect of climate change on plants, research on pollination by insects and even GMO research.

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Radboud Zebrafish Facility

The university houses aquaria where research is done with zebrafish as an animal model. Research groups from Radboud University and Radboudumc collaborate in multidisciplinary research lines to improve the model's impact.

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